Garcia Ghezzi Architects, Inc. Testimonials

Team Garcia Ghezzi – We can’t thank you enough for your time and efforts to partner with us to make this project a success. Between your ability to develop a permit set of plans so quickly and your team’s timely responses to RFI’s and Owner Directives, we were able to deliver the project ahead of schedule and on budget. I look forward to the next opportunity to work Garcia Ghezzi because it certainly means a happy client!

Best -
Joseph H Stadlen, President
Intertech Construction Corp.

I have had the pleasure of working with Garcia Ghezzi Architects on many restaurant projects over the years.I have always found his firm to be knowledgeable, accessible and timely on all projects. They understand flow and efficiencies needed to assist in laying out concepts in the restaurant industry.

They also are very knowledgeable on the codes and can be very helpful with Permitting projects.

Warmest regards,

Rene Prats-President/CEO
Latin Flavours-Arepas

I have worked with Garcia Ghezzi Architects ,for almost two decades ,and they have always exceeded my expectations in all facets of their work. We have built service stations and convenience stores for three Fortune 500 companies, and Garcia Ghezzi Architects is by far the best architecture firm that I have ever used. They are superb at generating and consolidating drawings from all disciplines, coordinating with various permitting agencies ,and making sure that all of the permitting agencies ‘questions and requirements are addressed .They kept in constant contact with me and the permitting agencies throughout the projects ,to update us ,and stay on top of or ahead of any requirements. Possibly the most important aspect of what they do :They ask the questions that needed to be asked.

Garcia Ghezzi Architects efforts also helped to make sure that the general contractors that bid our projects were clear on the scope of work before commencing with construction .The bottom line result was that the entire process ran smoothly.

Chris Odderstol,
Construction Engineer, Sunoco, L.P.

Garcia Ghezzi Architects have been our preferred Architect in South Florida for nearly 10 years. Their track record of providing project plans in an efficient and timely manner has proven to be a key to many successful projects. Their knowledge of local municipalities and their requirements has been an asset to working through the permitting process in a timely manner on a regular basis. I know when I use Garcia Ghezzi I am starting off a project on the right foot.

Thank you,
David Schwoegl |Southwest Zone Construction Manager | Little Caesar Enterprises, Inc.

It is my pleasure to write this Testimonial Letter for Garcia-Ghezzi Architects, Inc. and its Principals, Carmen Garcia and Mark Ghezzi.

My family has been doing business with the Ghezzi family for 35+ years and two generations of our families. My father and Mark’s father, the first generation, worked together on conceptualizing, designing and constructing the first fully automated US FDA and EPA approved manufacturing facility in the state of Florida. The facility became the example of how to design and operate, within strict Federal and State regulations, such a facility and was visited often by other FDA and EPA product manufacturers seeking a clear pathway to developing their new manufacturing facilities.

Since 1991 Mark and I, the second generation, have conceptualized, designed, constructed and operated various restaurant concepts, from full free standing buildings, to in-line shopping centers, to food courts malls, hotels and entertainment / sporting venues. Garcia-Ghezzi has always been my ‘go-to’ architectural firm for our restaurants, from fast food Burger Kings and Bojangle’s, to casual dine TGIF Friday’s and Road House Grills. They are always thorough, creative, detail oriented and timely in meeting time-lines. Their knowledge base and skills in dealing with building and zoning issues and related government officials, in the Southeastern USA, is ‘unequaled’!

In short, Garcia-Ghezzi Architects, is the only firm I use for our Food and Beverage and Hospitality related projects.

Ken H. Adams
Chief Operating Officer
Coral Global Concepts, LLC

We have been working with Garcia Ghezzi Architecture for the past 10 years. We have worked on several projects together. Every job is handled with professionalism and completed timely. They are skillful and have the team to brainstorm and achieve the final product. I highly recommend them for all your architectural needs.

Jay Geiserman
SouthEast Properties

Garcia Ghezzi Architects are always available if a client has any questions or concerns. There were many times I called the firm early morning or late night and I always received a call back within minutes.

Most importantly, the drawings are detailed, complete and accurate for the construction crew. This leaves less room for error on the job. I highly recommend this firm

Patricia Nardone ,
Dunkin Donuts franchise

Garcia Ghezzi is a valued partner for Sushi Maki for our company design needs both in new construction and remodeled facilities. In the last five years, they have been integral in several of our projects. I find them to be very efficient, capable and customer-service oriented. The firms relationships with engineers, familiarity with building department processes and timeliness of deliverables has been absolutely terrific. Over the years, both Mark and Carmen have become more than our architects, they have become friends.

Abe Ng ,
Founder and CEO
Sushi Maki